Information needed on Migrating UFT/C# scripts to Katalon


We are from the PaloAlto Networks QA team and we have a new requirement in which we want to migrate our existing UFT scripts to any open sources tool. Over our research we got to know about Katalon Studio tool and we were able to find some information as well. However, some of our queries are still unanswered and need some clarification on them.
Our current Automation Testing landscape involves UFT (vbscript) and Selenium / C # as Automation tools. We have automated both Web based applications and SAP GUI.
Our strategy going forward will be to migrate to a single common tool for all the automation teams in the project.
We would like to consider migrating our existing scripts to Katalon, and look at options to minimize migration efforts (preferably avoiding redesigning of the automation scripts from scratch).

We need assistance from Katalon to know if migration from existing tools to Katalon is possible or not.

Expecting to hear from you soon.

Onkar Petkar
SAP Automation Consultant
Palo Alto Networks.
Mob No: +91 9561661031

Obviously, I’ll defer to @ThanhTo and @duyluong since they’re developers, but here’s my take…

  1. There is no automated process available, as far as I’m aware.

  2. Since you already write against selenium, you should be very familiar with the ethos, at least.

    2.1 Katalon scripts are written in Groovy (a script language that overlays Java). If you’re pretty knowledgeable in C#, you should pick up the language fairly quickly.

    2.2 Katalon Studio test cases primarily use Groovy. But I code in Groovy, Java and even JavaScript as dictated by the needs of my tests.

Hi @opetkar

Have you tried to contact our business email at ? It is a dedicated channel if you are looking for more information about the product.

@ThanhTo: Thanks for your reply. I just sent email to mentioned id.

@Russ_Thomas : Thanks for your reply. Do you have any idea on How katalon works with SAP GUI? I am not getting relevant information regarding SAP automation using katalon