Start migrating from Selenium to Katalon in 3 easy steps

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Dear Katalon users,

The Katalon team is glad to release the latest Katalon Studio version 7.4.0. With this update, you are able to migrate your Selenium tests in the TestNG/JUnit framework, to Katalon Studio.

Undoubtedly, Selenium is one of the most popular tools for automation testing. However, Selenium’s integration limitations and advanced programming skills requirements are major development setbacks for scaling teams, and the Katalon team deeply understands this struggle.

Now, you can reuse and develop your Selenium tests in Katalon Studio without having to rewrite the test cases from scratch:

  • Step 1: Choose the Selenium project you would like to migrate.
    Note: You may need to add Java dependencies of your project to .gradle file. Learn more

  • Step 2: Copy and paste the source code of the chosen project to Katalon Studio.

  • Step 3: You’re all set! Executing your Selenium tests is now empowered by Katalon.

Download the latest Katalon Studio version to start moving your Selenium tests, and leverage Katalon’s codeless testing capabilities.

Refer to our Docs for more detailed tutorials and sample projects.

For more information about the feature, please visit our website.

P.S. There will be a webinar to discuss the details of this feature and show a demo of how to migrate your Selenium tests to Katalon Studio effectively. More information will be announced soon.

Be safe and Happy testing,

Katalon Team