INFO: KATALON_JAVA_HOME: null error thrown on running job in Jenkins

Hi…After the recent update to version 8.5 Im getting the below error when i Trigger the job in jenkins

Someone can help to solve this

This error is also thrown half the time when you’re running multiple suites in a collection. Katalon has been nothing but buggy recently…
you’d think it would get better with the KSE license now costing almost 3x the amount.


Can you try to upgrade the Java version? In the meanwhile, I will reach internal team if this is a bug.

Tried just with login alone still same issue…seems like Open browser is failing

Tried just with login alone still same issue…seems like Open browser is failing

This message is just an INFO level message. Nothing important. This message tells nothing about the problem you have now. You shoud provide more information.

For example, Help: Katalon not running properly on Jenkins - #5 by staniere provided full log messages. You should provide similar level of details.

This environment variable is used to override the Java version to compile the project.
If this is not set, Katalon will use the embedded version, or in the case of a linux machine, the default (system) java version which should be openjdk8 required by runtime.

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the issue got resolved after driver update in jenkins

This message is just a warning which will shows when you do not provide addition environment variable KATALON_JAVA_HOME before running Katalon Runtime Engine.

By default, you should install OpenJDK8 as @bionel’s suggestion

We have the same problem here; We run dozens of jobs via Gitlab CI every day, and some jobs fail because of this error. There is no difference between successful jobs and failed jobs. We are running Katalon version: 8.6.0.

The rate of success (90 %) seems to rule out the version to be the cause of the problem.

Hi @jean-rene.robin1,

Can you share the report of a failed test suite with me?

It seems like there is an issue with the Chrome version, where the web driver is not updating properly.