In Katalon Studio UI, the list of Test Cases is not sorted alphabetically

OS :OSX Sierra

Katalon Studio Version : 5.3.1

Katalon Studio logs:


Environment (for Web testing)

Browser: Firefox 52

Environment (for Mobile testing)


Steps to reproduce -

You make a few Test cases in a Test Cases folder and see them in the Katalon Studio UI

Expected Behavior -

The list of Test Cases is automatically sorted alphabetically; otherwise you are enabled to choose a test case by left-clicking and move it up/down in the list.

Actual Behavior -

The list of Test Cases is not sorted. I can not move an entry up/down. The list look unordered. It is quite likely that I get frustrated if I make dozens of Test Cases.

Screenshots / Videos



How do you create those test cases? I’ve tried to create them following by your example and see my test cases order is sorted automatically

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 09.52.39.png

I created the project on Windows7. The original project showed sorted list of TestCases. Fine, No problem. I stored the project into the local Git repository.

I pushed it to the GitHub.

Then I cloned the project to OSX. Katalon Studio on OSX showed the disordered list. I have no idea why this happens.

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I’ve noticed this too, and I’m not using Git.

In any filing system, I like to use a “_” prefix to force items to the top of a listing. e.g. _README.

Doesn’t work in Katalon, they do the opposite and appear at the bottom.

So, whatever KMS “think” is going on, the Test Explorer is not sorted alphanumerically in unicode or ascii order.


Can you please bump this up the chain of things to be fixed for MAC version. It is a small quick win!

This issue has been fixed in the verion 5.9.0.

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I want to close this issue, but I can’t :’(

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