Add ability to turn off alphabetic sorting of Test Cases

The list of Folders and Test Cases under the Test Cases repository are sorted alphabetically. However, I wish to order my Test Cases in the repository in the order in which I execute them. Please add the ability to turn off alphabetical sorting and order the Test Cases, by dragging and dropping or move up/down arrows, in any order the user wishes. I currently have to add numbers to my test cases so that I can order them as I please.

as a workaround you can add an prefix to your testcases and folders naming, e.g’:


  • 01_First_testcase
  • 02_Another_testcase


and so on. since sorting tescases is based on native OS files/folders sorting, i don’t think the feature you request will be implemented soon …

Use 01 instead of 1. Or even 001. Cmoon

Taken at face value, that’s a reasonable request. However…

For a list of available items for development and maintenance purposes, the tree in the IDE should work as it is currently working.

For a list of execution items - that is, a suite - sequence and execution order by the user is how the suite view currently works.

If a given user (you, in this case) want’s to run tests, one by one, by hand, from the IDE tree, then I might suggest that’s a pretty rare case. It’s come up here before - but again, rarely.

It’s not a bug, it’s a design choice which makes sense. Your preference happens to be different, that’s all. And really, making a sideswipe like that on such weak footing while making a request… let’s just say it’s now how I would approach things.

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I also said about a similar request in this thread:

I believe that most of the modern IDEs (VS Code, IntellJ, Eclipse,…) and System Explorers (Windows Explorer, macOS Finder, Ubuntu browser) do not provide this feature.

Had the same thought on the feature to turn off the sorting, the sorting isn’t good enough and I have to keep putting prefix for each value for example
Test Case 1.1
Test Case 1.10

The Test Case 1.10 will be sorted under Test Case 1.1
And I have to add prefix to all the test cases

I think the “Tests Explorer” should be ABC ordered (is this out of context of this question/request?)… i find myself guessing for a few seconds all the time where on the display I am and what I’m looking at…