Improve Test Execution Speed Control

I’ve been using Katalon Studio for about a year now, but the one thing I miss from Selenium IDE that Studio still doesn’t have is the better control of test execution speed. I know Studio has an option to adjust execution speed in Project → Settings → Execution-> Default → Web UI, but 1, you can only adjust in full 1-second increments and 2, the adjustment affects the entire test and every test in the project until you put it back to 0. I also know about delays and wait commands, but I don’t want every other step in my tests to be a delay or a wait. In Selenium IDE, there was a speed slider that used smaller speed increments and also could be adjusted during test executions, so that you could slow down some parts of a test and speed up others (screenshot below).


I’m not saying Katalon Studio needs a speed slider since I’m assuming it was easier to have that in Selenium IDE because it wasn’t a desktop application (although a speed slider that can be adjusted during executions in Studio would be great), but there are two other potential ways to improve execution speed control that would hopefully be easier to implement:

1. Allow smaller increments to be set for the execution delay. For some tests, no delay can be a little too fast, but a 1-second delay on every step can make things take far too long. Allowing increments in milliseconds or even just letting it go to half-second increments would be helpful.

2. Add a new WebUI command for changing execution speed. Again, I don’t know if there are technical reasons behind the current limited speed control or whether or not it would be possible to bring in a slider similar to Selenium IDE, but I think a nice compromise would be to have a new command for changing the execution speed. For many of my tests, it would be helpful if I could slow down some sections and run other sections at full speed.

I recently gave a presentation on automated functional testing to my team and demonstrated how I use Katalon Studio for my work, and better execution speed control would have been great for my live demos. Some of my demos ran at speeds just fine for a presentation, but a few others either went far too fast at normal speed for the audience to observe, or at a snail’s pace with a 1-second delay.

Selenium Speed Slider.JPG


+1 about this feature!
I agreed with the “millisecond” as time unit for speed adjustment, not the “second”.

+1 for this feature!

Our quality control department has listed this as their number one desired feature for Katalon studio, to the point we would even consider developing a plugin ourselves.

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Hi everyone

We’ve just released Katalon Studio version 7.3.0 that allows configuring Delay Between Actions in milliseconds in Execution settings. Please read our release notes for more information and upgrade.

Happy Testing