Import curl into Katalon

Dear All,

It would be greate if we can import a web service into katalon using curl commmand.
It’s possible to importe curl using postman and then import into katalon but that quite fastidious.

Do you think it may be taken into consideration ?
Let me know :slight_smile:

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Do you want to use this?

Then you just want to execute a commandline command from a Test Case script in a Katalon project.

See the doc

My Subprocessj library makes it easier for me to execute arbitrary commandline commands from Java/Groovy programs

Actualy, that was first a request for new feature in katalon ! A way to import Test Object/Web service using IHM plus curl (like in postman)

I got some issues regarding correct categories of this post, I hope it’s fine now

I don’t understand what you mean.
I don’t know postman.
I suppose that most of katalon users here would not understand your request.

For sure, but you may know curl. It’s a command quite common across Linux, Windows, ect…

That a good way to share and reproduce a Web service call in one copy past.

See below a gift of what would be cool on Katalon :

Katalon Studio does not have any TERMINAL window at all.

This proves, Katalon Studio is primarily designed for the people who NEVER wants to touch command line, who fears that black screen, who knows no shell command, who doesn’t know “curl” of course.

I am afraid that THEY would not see this as a gift at all.

I noticed you are using postman. Why not you just stay with it?

And so do I :slight_smile:
But that a great way to communicate with dev when they have to reproduce a Web Service call : you send them a copy past of the curl !

Are you from Katlaon Team ? Does that mean It will be never be implemented ? :worried:

(It would be easier to teach and bring our non tech user on Katalon rather than teach them Postman + Katalon)

I am just a user, not a Dev team.

See the following post by the Product owner in Katalon.

You had better make a “Official support request” for your requirement though the process which @Jass suggests.

I would pass this to @duyluong

@spuygrenier, @kazurayam,

Thanks guys for your suggestion, I think this feature request is valid. Our product team will take a look on this and provide the update on this.

Oh great, thanks for having an eye on that !

You can find bellow a har to curl generator. That far from good code but I hope it may help :

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Thanks for bringing this tips. I think it may be a good reference for us when developing futher Webservice features.

Hi @spuygrenier,

Thank you for your suggestions,
After investigation, I have some points which need your clarifications:

  • Is your need importing CURL as Web Request Service, not convert Web Request Service to CURL?
  • Do you usually import them individually or in batches?

Nam Nguyen.

Hi @nam.nguyen, thanks for the reply !

It would be great if we could import CURL into Web Request Service
it’s usualy done individually :+1:

I think it is doable.
Well … due to the fact that curl syntax it is pretty complex, writing a robust parser for such commands is not trivial, but achievable.

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your ideas,
The feature request was logged into our backlog.
We will keep you updated when it’s ready in a future release.

Happy Testing!
Nam Nguyen.


Any ETA for this?