IE 11 with Katalon 7.2.1 - gives console errors and fails to run test

I have finally decided to upgrade to Katalon 7…after pushing it off.

I tried to run a basic test which I have run in the past on Katalon 6.3.3 daily, with no issues. Now on Katalon 7 I can’t run because I get the following console error, constantly:

‘fetch’ is undefined
Unable to get property ‘katalon_smart_waiter_do_ajax_wait’ of undefined or null reference

I am able to open my webpage but login fails because of the console error…never got such errors in 6.3.3, seems like new feature in K7 with Smart Wait…can anyone help here…and help get my faith back for Katalon.

Have you tried to disable the ‘smart wait’ feature in your project settings?
Altough it may be a bug, let’s try this first to narrow down the possible causes.

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Definitely smartwait. I’d put money on it. IEnn + fetch? Highly unlikely.

Guess @devalex88 was a little optimistic.

Also, cleaning up your project from previously compiled libs may help when migrating to newest katalon versions (the infamous bin and libs folders)

Yes! Thank you. I disabled the Smart Wait and problem is resolved. I guess it might be a bug.

Thanks @Russ_Thomas and @bionel