IE 11 Recording and Running problem

There was a report that it missed a step after Open Browser - that is Navigate to Url. Could you please add it manually? If you have issue don’t hesitate to let us know. We are working on a fix for that issue.

I noticed the problem you said and added it to my script manually. But after running open browser and crawl url actions, it cannot find any object and it is getting error.

Could you please show me the script? Did the browser open?

yes the browser is opening and redirecting at the address. However, it does not perform the next steps.

Script :

Logs After Execute :

Hi @kdryetyln

it looks like the original problem which is you can’t record on IE has been solved. Now the error indicates that the test case is up and running, so I will mark this issue as resolved. Please open another thread so that the community can focus on helping with your new problems.

Cheers !

No. Problem not solved. The script is running in the Chrome browser. However, it does not work in the IE browser. This shows that the problem is not solved. Yes, the ‘record’ problem may be solved, but the ‘execute’ problem continues…

Could you please zip and send me this project? We will investigate and let you know soon.

Of course. Can you give me an e-mail address?

Hi @devalex88 . Please , can you give me an e-mail address? Then I can send my project… Thank you.

Try just direct messaging him on here - You can just drag and drop the zip file :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response - you can send me a message or email to (15.9 KB)

Thank you for response. This is my project. I look forward to your return as soon as possible. @devalex88

Hello, I am new to Katalon and have just downloaded v7.0.0 to run recorder on IE11 for the purpose of evaluation for work project.
Unfortunately, the issue remains where the Recorder does not register the actions on IE11 other than Open Browser and Close Browser. Is it still an issue that is being worked upon for a resolution?
All IE configurations are done using the instructions on the website along with installing the Recorder Extension for IE with the add-on set to Enabled.

My project is only compatible with IE 11 and therefore am very keen to know if the fix is available.