IDE Recorder does not appear to capture radio button activity post google chrome extension update

OS: Windows 7

Katalon Recorder (Selenium IDE for Chrome): v3.0.2

## Environment (for Web testing)

Browser : Chrome v63

## Steps to reproduce -

1. Record a test on a webpage that contains radio buttons using the Katalon Recorder extension for Google Chrome v3.0.2

2. Replay the case in Katalon

## Expected Behavior -

Case replays correctly

## Actual Behavior -

Currently when replaying a script, the automation tool is unable to select the radio buttons which were initially recorded.

This issue has been noticed post update of the google chrome extension to version 3.0.2. This was working correctly in the previous version of the extension. I’ve noticed the syntax for capturing the radio button element on the page in version 3.0.2 of the chrome extension differs to it’s predecessor which was working for me an hour ago until this auto-update kicked in!

I’ve attached screenshots of what the recorder had captured for the same radio buttons I had recorded prior to the update and post the update.

Can you advise of a resolution as soon as possible please as this is preventing me from recording tests using this method.

If there is any way for me to revert back to the older version of the extension that would also be very helpful.


Post Update Failure:

** **


Do you have any sample page so that I can try? Some questions from my side:
1. ‘Post Update Failure’ -> This belongs to H20 test case
2. ‘Working’ case -> This belongs to H15 test case.
=> So these test cases are different. I’m quite confused because they are not the same test case, have you done any adjustments between these test cases. So H15 test case is the one which using Xpath selector in V2 but now it is converted to use CSS selector when you open it?

Hi Vinh,

The page is on a private network that cannot be accessed externally.

Yes “Post Update Failure” belongs to H20 test case which was recorded after update of the google extension to v.3.0.2. The “Working” case belongs to H15 which was recorded prior to the update on v2.

Both H20 and H15 are recordings of the same actions on the same webpage except in H20 all of the radio buttons are being recorded using the CSS selector, this has been occurring ever since the update to v3.0.2. That being said, if I open H15 which was recorded in v2+ I can still see the elements using the Xpath selector. I suspect the issue is with all new recordings that are created on v.3.0.2 since it’s using CSS selector it causes play back problems.I need all elements to use the xpath selector because the CSS does not pickup radio button selection.

Vinh Nguyen Any ideas on this ticket?


@“Sulyman Khalil”,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Since 3.2.2 XPath will be the default selector when recording. We hope this will fix the issue.