I'd like to know the correct use of WebUI.clickOffset

I’d like to click on an object at a specific location. I use below script.

WebUI.clickOffset(testObject, coordX, coordY)

And I got the position of the object with the JavaScript code below.

document.onmousemove = function(e){
var x = e.pageX;
var y = e.pageY;
e.target.title = "X is "+x+" and Y is "+y;

Additionally, I set the testObject to the html <body> element. (I think this part is wrong.)

After setting the coordinate and testobject, when using WebUI.clickOffset, the test appears to click on a strange location.

What’s wrong with the code above?

Thank you for help in solving this problem.

I don’t perceive any issue using the body element as the TO. However, …

The mouse event pageX and pageY properties are relative to the entire document. Was the page scrolled at the time you took the measurements?

The page was not scrolled.

I measured the document size with the code below.

WebUI.getElementHeight(Object to)
WebUI.getElementWidth(Object to)

The code above printed out the size as shown below.
document width : 969 height: 1920

And that’s the code I used.

WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('../editor'), 789, 1028)

But This code made below error code.

Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.interactions.MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException: move target out of bounds

This error comes even though I put the width and height in smaller than the measured size. Why is that so?

Are you using a portrait monitor? Or am I so tired I can’t envisage that pair of coords?

Oh. That was my mistype.

width: 1920 height: 969

and I didn’t use a portrait monitor…

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But it still happens out of bounds exception.

WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('../editor'), 908, 784)

That coordinate (789,1028) is a wrong code when testing a different location.

I thought I had entered the right position, but the exception occurred from the start.

I found something strange about this problem.

That is my editor page. and I made a test code.

WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('../editor'), 0, 0)

Since my object has body element, I think red dot should be clicked. But The test case clicked on the blue dot.

The object created with /html/body appears to be specifying canvas 1 rather than entire document.

I want to click on the coordinates in canvas 2, so out of bounds exception seems to occur.

How do I solve the problem?

I changed testobject to canvas2 and did clickoffset test.

then, Coordinates (0, 0) indicated the center of the canvas, not the top, left of the canvas.

I got the results I wanted, but I don’t understand why the coordinates are like this.