How to use get the Offfset X and Y value of a webelement from a web page. Please explain in steps

Explain the steps to get the Offset X and Y value of a webelement from a web page.Does the value of these remain constant throughout or may change ;in what circumstances?

Do you mean the X and Y in, as an example, the statement below:

WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('myPage/canvas_tic-tac-toe-board'), X, Y)

I want to select the Item on the webpage and click on it. Can this be done using Click Offset?

Why you want to use Click Offset? I do not see any reason why you want to do so.

Why not you just use tObj) specifying the <input> element in the row/column of <table>?

Yes, I agree with @kazurayam. For the fields you show in the image, you do not need to know the Offset X and Y, however, you do need to give the computer a means to locate the elements. That’s generally by XPath or CSS. If you create elements within Katalon Studio by these means, or experiment with the Web Spy to locate your elements, then you will see that you don’t need to know Offset X and Y. You should read up on that.

Finally, yes elements can move about the web page, but again, you don’t need to worry about that if you give the computer a means to locate the elements by XPath or CSS. The computer searches for every element based upon the pathway information you provide–similar to the pathway like a file on your hard-drive, not Offset X and Y.

My above question (about clickOffset) was just to get a better understanding of what you meant by your subject heading.

You might want to read the below information on web tables too.

I thank you both for explaning the concept so well.