I'd like a shortcut to shortly show which rownummer in script a certain step is in Manual mode

the effect would be:

I’m in Manual modus at item #14

I press CTRL+i (i=info)

I get pressented: “that is ROW nummer 21 in Script modus my dear fellow”

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Thank you for letting us know. We will investigate it and please understand that we will prioritize the huge-impact functionality feature request high than that which has workaround. Thank you so much!

Do not make changes in Manual mode and then move to Script mode because your Script code will become “properly” formatted for you by KS. Doesn’t matter how you have your code blocked, it will be reformatted as per KS design.

Edit: if you want to know where you are in one tab to another, put comments in your code and then you can read them to compare where you are. Programming 101.

Hmm in this case that’s absolutely no solution grylion54,

I just want to work in Manual mode on row 110 and then switch to Code modus and exactly continue as if I was on row 110 (and vice versa)

(or at least immediately see where that would be located… blink blink)

You should do an experiment of the above (use only a few lines so you can see what happens and not a whole test case).

You have been warned, this is not a good idea.
Feel free to search the forum about this.
Or do your own experiments as suggested, but do not come back and cry.
There are known issues on mode switching, still unresolved and most likely will never be completely fixed.

Do you mean: you can do this but always SAVE in between and then it’s not a problem.


are you saying using Script modus and Manual modus interchangeably will result in errors?

The second.
There are some known cases when, switching from one mode to another breaks the code formatting.
Someting this results in errors, sometime the code just looks messy. It depends on code complexity.
So, preferably, just stick with one mode.
If, for some reason, you are using the Manual mode to quickly add a certain keyword, for example(I do that also sometime, due to laziness, but never with large scripts) and switch to code view after, carefully inspect the entire code prior to run it.