I upgraded to new version and all my project works is not in the version

I upgraded to a new version, the new version upgraded successfully but all the test cases, test suites and test suite collections is not in the new version.
Kindly advice me on what to do to recover my all my works.

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Olayiwola Folarin

Hi - this happened to me as well (and I wrote a separate issue on it). I believe this is because the upgrade is effectively deleting the entire Katalon installed directory then installing to this same folder. So IF YOU STORE SOURCE CODE in the same folder I think it deletes that. Weirdly, for me it does not delete the folder - only the files within the folder.

You can try some operating system recovery tools - Windows sometimes is configured to keep an older version. I lost some work that I had to recreate. Luckily most of it was on a separate machine / VM.

Long-term do what I’m going through now: GitHub to store scripts, a tool to download the latest version, and run it automatically on a bunch of VMs. GitHub acts like a backup for your code.

Good luck!


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Many thanks


I just upgraded to 6.3.3 from 6.3.1 and have noticed that the 6.3.3 version cannot find my Projects and all of their content (Cases, Objects, Suites, etc.). However, all of those items are in a separate folder entitled “Katalon Studio”. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to “map” the 6.3.3 version to that folder.

It appears that when the “new version” is brought down, it is installing it as a separate entity instead of upgrading the previous version.