I need to mouseHover and get the hovertext

I need to mouseHover and get the hovertext

Why do you want to hover?
You can directly get the text by using the WebUI.getText() keyword.
If that’s not the case, can you specify your concern in detail?

Yes you are correct.

But my actual question is – Is there any way we can validate When we hover a element , tool-tip is displayed.

WebUI.getText() - this get text from source irrespective whether tool-tip is displayed or not-- Correct me if am wrong.

Just have a look at this


Download and import it through Katalon in your PC.

I have implemented WebUI.verifyElementVisible() before and after hover over the element.
Before hover, the tool tip is not visible, so it returns false, whereas after hover, it is visible, hence returns true.
I have printed both before and after hover texts as validation stating if the tool-tip is displayed or not.
Try running it once and tell me.

I too face the issue in mouse over…i have an element which is hidden …while Moving the mouse over onlt its get displayed. I just given wait for element present and Clickable then Mouse over But not Working?

If the element is actually “hidden” then you won’t get the mouseOver to work. If the element is “hidden”, then that wouldn’t be the element that you are interacting with (is there another element overlaying it at the time?). I’m hoping you mean that the element is not visible yet, or grayed out, in which case, you should waitForElementVisible(). An element can be present, but not visible–because it is hidden.

If the element is “hidden”, then that is why the mouseOver does not work.


If the element is grayed out, then you might issue a click() and then do the mouseOver() to see if that does anything. And you might be able to use scrollToPosition() or scrollToElement() to see if they work.