I am not able to activate Katalon Studio- getting a message to make sure my credentials are valid

I am not able to activate Katalon studio- getting a message to make sure my credentials are valid. I am able to log in to Katalon and Katalon Ops with no issues, the account is confirmed via e-mail. After trying withthe account with my personal email, I have uninstalled Katalon and created another account with the work e-mail, verified, downloaded - same story, not able to activate, same message displayed. What re my actions? can you please check what could be the reason?

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I will escalate this internally to see what process you need to follow.

Best, Sara

Okay- lets see if this helps:

Here is the response from our product experts:

It sounds like you may be using a private network. You might encounter a situation where you fail to execute test scripts or integrate Katalon Studio due to the network security error. To fix this problem, whitelist the following domains:

You may also need to configure proxy for authentication by following this documentation: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/configure-proxy.html#configure-proxy


Configure Proxy for Authentication

If you are behind a proxy server, before activating Katalon licenses, you need to configure the Authentication proxy settings. This guide will allow you to authenticate and activate your Katalon…

Could you let us know if this helps? Thank you.

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Hi @ester.martinez,

This thread solved another problem. We are aware of this issue and will keep you all posted on the bug report section and share updated new in our announcement.

Thank you for your patience.