I am behind a proxy, how do i configure Katalon ?

I am working behind a proxy, how do i configure Katalon to pass through this proxy ?

I have a similar issue. At work I am under proxy and I tried activating Katalon by setting up proxies but that didn’t work and I had to go with Offline Activation option (which worked).

However, when I try to run any API service calls (even the one from the sample project) I am getting “Unable to send request” error. (link to screenshot is below )

Because of this post I installed Katalon again on my other system (also under the same proxy) and again I am getting the same error “Network error!” when I do that.

This time I’ve started Wireshark to monitor my network and it looks that Katalon server is complaining about certificate (“Certificate Unknow” is the alert error) (link to screenshot is below as well)

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

Example Webclient test is working as expected and passes without any issues.

p.s. On my 3rd machine that is not under proxy (my home machine) everything works as expected and I had no issues using Katalon studio but I need to be able to get it to run in my work environment. Current jMeter tests do not have any issues executing in my work environment under proxy.



Links to attachments are provided:

Katalon Studio Activation Certificate Unknown: https://postimg.org/image/bbzgcgfv9

Katalon Studio API Test error: https://postimg.org/image/3xepxtjdh/

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Hi there,

Have you tried to config proxy settings on activation dialog? On the activation dialog, there is an option called ‘Config Proxy’, you can try to set up your network connection using that option.

Is this how you guys provide support in paid versions ?