Https:// now goes to the "Category" page

I noticed a change in this site.

The URL now goes to the “Category” page.
Previously it went to the “Latest” page.

Do you like this chage?

Personally I do not welcome this change.
I would prefer the “Latest” page to be responded for

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Hi @kazurayam, thank you for your feedback. We understand the forum user journey and make sure it’s convenient for you to navigate new topics/replies. This could originate from the on-going upgrade of the forum version. I will check with my team to understand the root cause and let you know.

Thank you for your continued support!
cc @vu.le @sara.leslie

when i open this with smartphone i can not go to the latest list at all

@vu.tran I think your forum work just reset a few prefs.

@kazurayam Try reseting your prefs …