Https:// is slow to repspond a click on the "Edit" button

Recently I frequently see the following modal dialog displayed in the

The operation sequence to reproduce this

  1. I called up my post Unable to push to Git from Katalon Studio - #2 by kazurayam
  2. I clicked the “Edit” button once
  3. The site was so slow to respond — 5 seconds, it was long enough for me to get irritated
  4. so I clicked the “Edit” button again
  5. The “Edit” form was responded
  6. Then a modal dialog was shown: “Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page. [Reload] [Ignore]”

I see why I got this warning. It is because I clicked the “Edit” button twice.

But I would argue, I was frustrated because the site is slow to respond the form.

I hope the site to be faster to respond the “Edit” click.

I guess that the site requires a more poweful/faster Database with enough resources.

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Seems fast enough here. Try clearing cache?

What good software should do is prevent a second click from doing anything. Tell the Discourse people this “issue” is a solved problem – like decades ago. You can show Discourse the issue with the following JavaScript (to be executed in the browser console)

var btn=document.querySelector("button[title='edit this post']");
var fn = function(){; setTimeout(function() {}, 50); } 

@kazurayam Notice I had to go as low as 50ms to get it to break.


Hi folks, :wave:

Thanks for bringing this issue up to our attention. I have raised a message to the Discourse team about it and is currently waiting for their response.

If you wish, I could also add you to the message thread on so that it would be easier for you to discuss with them. Let me know what you think. :+1:

Hi @kazurayam and @Russ_Thomas,

The folks at Discourse were not able to reproduce the issue as Kazurayam reported.

Could you give me some more information as below:

  • Which browser (and browser version) were you using?
  • Your OS
  • Did you have any browser extensions enabled when you encountered the issue?
  • Did the problem persist when you click on the “Edit” button in a private window/incognito mode?

Thanks both!

Thank you for your support.

I would withdraw my post that says the forum site is slow.

As @Russ_Thomas advised, I cleared the cache of Chrome browser, which looked effective. And, moreover, I stopped using my old MacBook 2018, moved to another notebook, which works scarely fast for me. So I do not have a speed issue any longer.

I think that this advice is still open. I hope you,, to address this issue.

Of course, not. I gave you (and them) steps to recreate the problem through a contrived scenario. So, while it’s not a scenario that will occur often, it is a scenario that can occur to users in real life using real browsers suffering real world problems like slow networks, bloated/stuck caches… whatever.

Frankly, I don’t have time for that.

Seriously, don’t let them railroad you. In response to them saying they can’t reproduce the issue, tell them to try harder. Point them to my scenario above and tell them to fix their code. Here’s the notional fix pattern:

function saveEdit_onClick()
  // disable the save button
  var btn = document.querySelector(".save-or-cancel button");
  btn.disabled = true;  // prevent accidental re-click
  setTimeout(function() {
    //do the submit
    saveTheEdit() / saveTheReply()
  }, 20);

Obviously, the actual names will be different in their code base, but that’s the pattern they need (a code pattern in use since the last century). With that in place, @kazurayam would have been unable to receive that dumb message.

I took the backup of my previous MackBook using Time Machine. I have initialized the disk, reinstalled macOS and restored the data from the backup. The disk usage has shrank from 85% to 50%. This work took me one night. Now the machine runs young. It runs so fast that I can not click the “Edit” button of the twice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am happy now.

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