How to verify the text of a title who appears on mouse over

Hi everybody !
I want to verify the text of a title of an element (like image for example) who appears on mouse over.

It seams, the spy web functionnality don’t work for capture title.

I try by using “Mouse over” and next “Verify text present” but without succes.



WebUI.setText(findTestObject('Page_Google/input_Connexion_q (1) (1) (1)'), 'coccinelle')

WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject('Objet location'), Keys.chord(Keys.ENTER))'Page_coccinelle - Recherche Google/h3_Coccinellidae  Wikipdia (1)'))

WebUI.verifyTextPresent('« Coccinelle » redirige ici. Pour les autres significations, voir Coccinelle (homonymie).', false)

WebUI.mouseOver(findTestObject('Page_Coccinellidae  Wikipdia/img'))

WebUI.verifyTextPresent('Coccinelle à 7 points (Coccinella septempunctata)', false)



You can use WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject('your-object-path'), 'title')

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That works !

attribute = WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Page_Coccinellidae Wikipdia/img’), ‘title’)

WebUI.verifyMatch(attribute, ‘Coccinelle à 7 points (Coccinella septempunctata)’, false)

Thank you very much HeleneB :+1:

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