verifyTitle should verify the title attribute of the element (tooltip)

Hi guys

Like the discussion title says, when you right-click on a page element with Katalon Recorder running, verifyTitle should verify the title attribute of the element (target) of the right-click, NOT verify the title of the page in the AUT. All the other options in the context menu target the element, why not this one too?

Verifying tooltips is a good functional test.

If there is a need for verifying the page title, perhaps add verifyPageTitle, or perhaps another submenu is needed?


Hi @4015-Russ,

I’d suggest using verifyText instead. Please try it out and let us know.
**verifyText(locator, pattern)**Generated from getText(locator)


  • locator - an element locator


the text of the element

In the meantime, I will discuss with the team for workaround or better solution.

Thank you for supporting Katalon products,

Hi Russ,

Would verifyAttribute work for you?

**verifyAttribute(attributeLocator, pattern)**Generated from **getAttribute(attributeLocator)

  • attributeLocator - an element locator followed by an @ sign and then the name of the attribute, e.g. “foo@bar”

the value of the specified attribute
Gets the value of an element attribute. The value of the attribute may differ across browsers (this is the case for the “style” attribute, for example).

Hi Liam & Alex

I was merely pointing out that the current behavior is “odd” – the context menu pertains to the element, and typically not the page.


Hi Russ,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you so much - that’s a very good idea and we will implement it in the future.