How to verify specific text is present?

Hi Katalon community,
Recently I switch to Katalon Studio and I am using first Katalon recorder because the usability and style is more easy. In my first testcase, I would like to Verify if the text that I write finally is present. The steps are:

  1. Steps for login
  2. Type text
  3. Verify if previous text is inside of the table. (command: verifyText)

I would like to do this when the text is an variable, because problably the element will be a dynamic text.
How I can use variables? only import test data?
Could we open reuse test? for exemple login and write more steps in the same test?
How import my test case to Katalon Studio? I can export but in KS I don’t see import options.(Katalon studio .zip that generate Katalon Recorder)
When we import our testcase to Katalon Recorder, we can see these test in manual mode and call and modify Reuse test and objects?

Sorry about questions, I haven’t code skills and I a new member using the tool.

Thank you

Hi @esmarflo1 ,

Welcome to Katalon Community. I would like to answer your questions as following:

Hope this can help you. Thank you!

Hi @Elly_Tran,
My questions are about Google’s extension Katalon Recorder. Can’t I create variables? Only I can use Test Data for verify text?
On the other hand, we can’t reuse test inside these extension(Katalon Recorder 5.9.0) or objects?

I appreciate your help,