[WebUI] Verify Text Present

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Hi all,
This discussion is about keyword verifymatch of text keyword folder which is present in latest version of katalon , and description of same is not present in katalon docs,
Not only this keyword, most of the keywords which accept string as param, will they accept variable in which string is stored?, and if not , is there any way to compare to variables which store content mostly in string format? pls help me, i am in great need
Example of above problem is ,
eg 1. two variables which contain text of web element has to be compared
eg 2. two variables which has text of web element, and response of a web service request has to be compared
Hope my examples have tried to explain the exact problem , pls help me
thanks in advance

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i have tagged only some who i know and i have seen in discussions and i believe has good experience over katalon ,

I notice that there may be a bug with Verify Text Present and also with Verify Text Not Present.

Using Verify Text Present and Verify Text Not Present to identify if some text is present or not that is fulfilled by the regex.

Text: JA 10,000.00
Regex: (^JA\s\d{2},\d+(.\d{1,2})?)$

This regex works with Verify Match but not Verify Text Present. I don’t know if I am fundamentally missing a key component of the functionality or i just lack understanding overall but using the regex doesn’t work as I expect.

Can anyone help me resolve this or at least use a workaround?


Hi all, I need help with verifying list of test objects on a page please. I would like to pass multiple test objects as parameters to verify in one go instead of duplicating WebUI.verifyTestPresent to verifying multiple test objects on a web page.

Are you asking about Test Objects or Text ?