How to use Web Spy with a french keyboard?

I’m french and early newbe…
I can’t manage using the Web Spy… To capture an object we have to use Alt+`but back quote is difficult to have on a french keyboard (we have to type Altgr+7+space) that doesn’t work to capture object…
Is it possible to capture object using an other combination key?

Thanks for your help

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I think we could change the setting at Perferences:


Thank you for you answer… Unfortunately, I haven’t the “Katalon” rubric in my preferences… I don’t know why, but I have only this (Katalon 5.1):


Sorry! I found another way to open Preferences and the “Katalon” rubric appears!!! Thanks for your help!

For information, the previos Preferences Window was open using Windows/Katalon Studio Preferences and the good one using: Window/Command Palette/Katalon Preferences (Settings).
Good thing to know.

Hello Stéphanie,

I’m french too and I’m looking for a way to modify the capture object key, but I can’t do anything. Could you please contact me to talk about it ?

Thanks in advance,
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Trong Bui said:

I think we could change the setting at Perferences:

This worked for me. But what about loading dom map option? i still have CTRL + ALT + ’ instead of hotkey setting changed on project properties

Pour les francais…And the other with non US keyboard. You can change the keystroke sequence. Look at my answer in the end of that post.

The link doesn’t work