How to use Katalon for Azure DevOps



Hi @anhtuan,

I am trying to evaluate this katalon tool for my automation team to show demo for my application.

For Demo purpose i didnt create license… I am currently using 6.3.3 version of Katalon with pre-installed option . below version 7 of Katalon . Hope i dont required any license . Correct me if i am wrong,

Still i am not execute the in azure devops please help me to correct my mistake.




Hi @jovialjegan,

Make sure in C:\Katalon include the Katalon Studio executable file.

If the Katalon Studio executable file cannot be found, the error will show as your picture.
You can fix it by checking that in C:\Katalon has Katalon Studio executable file or input the version of Katalon Studio (e.g. 6.3.3) to execute your project.

But in -projectPath, you should remove it in command argument. Katalon plugin will append -projectPath in cloud computer for you.


- task: katalonTask@0
    version: '6.3.3'
    executeArgs: '-retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest" -executionProfile="default" -browserType="Firefox" -apiKey="b27***acc"'