How to upload image on Mac gallery


I am newbie for using katalon. I have to do step for upload image from my Mac gallery, but it’s doesn’t work. I want click the element then gallery window displayed, but the robot action not working


* User upload image



def uploadImage(TestObject el) {


Robot robot = new Robot()






this is my gallery

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 15.20.34.png

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I’m facing the same issue. It stops after opening the Finder.Any solution to this?Please help

I haven’t checked it but you can read the source code of the File Uploads keyword:

I was facing this issue but then figured out that its because of permission on the Mac. Try this solution as this worked for me.

-Go to System preference on Mac
-Click on “Security and Privacy”
-Select Accessibility and grant “Katalon” the permission that is needed .
-Then try running the script

Attaching the screenshot of the same