Cannot select a file from a document box in a MAC laptop

In the screen shot seen, I press the ‘Browse computer’ button from our application (web app using a Chrome Browser) and get a pop up box from which I should be able to select a file, close the box and carry on using the application but I cannot identify the window or files even using the Object Spy.

KS version 5.3.0 build 1
Chrome v64
MAC v10.12.6

Can you provide some idea of why this does not work please, ie which keywords to use and how?

00 KS cant select image file.png

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I am having the same issue, did you find a fix?

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You can’t identify that window box using any approaches such as Object Spy / Recorder or even other add-ons. That window box is a native OS popup , it’s not rendered by web application, so you can’t identify it.

The only way to automate this ‘Upload File’ action is:

  1. Use ‘Upload File’ keyword
  2. Use this approach:


Thanks for response and help but unfortunately I cannot use this as I am running on a MAC as indicated in my opening comments, this would appear to only work under a MS Windows environment. I’m a bit puzzled also as AutoIt is a automated testing package in its own right so not sure why you are recommending a competitors product unless of course it comes under the Katalon Studio umbrella?

If uploading files in this way is NOT currently possible, are there any plans by KS to make it so as there are bound to be others that could do with this functionality.
Brian Shepherd


Oh and I have tried to use the Upload Files option and even tried to create my own custom keyword to solve this issue but with no luck … so far

Well I figure out another solution is using Action class:

You should give it a try here

Tks you so much for your help.

I still say that this would all be much easier if it was handled directly by the Katalon Studio software as it would not only be a cleaner way to do this but not everyone has the skill set to go off writing classes in order to get this to work. So my question still stands, does the Katalon team have any intention of fixing this issue?

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Tried to use Upload File and custom keywords but still not selecting the file. It just opens the file explorer, please help!

I’m also using Mac OS with Chrome browser. I can’t select a file to upload either. How did you resolve your problem?