How to setting test suite to run sequence

As picture,
** How to config TestSuite to execute test case as sequence**
Start → TC1–> TC2–> TC3 —> Next Loop (Depend on DataFile)
Start → TC1–> TC2–> TC3 —> Next Loop

But in the test log will see step as
Start → TC1 → TC1 → TC2 —> TC3 —> TC3


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I have the same problem. How to solve this?

You can’t control test suite execution flow. Test Cases are executed from top to bottom according to its order.


Chanin and Roberta,

The execution approach is designed as Alex’s comment. Since each test case in test suite might have different data file so it could not run the whole flow and then start a new one.

One possible solution is create a new test case, ie TC, in which, we call those 3 test cases in order. Then we could add this TC into the test suite and execute with single data file.