How to send username and password in Weburl as my website show windows popup

My Website shows windows popup to enter username and password which is not get recorded in Katalon studio. I have to add delay statement and enter credentials manually for each run.

To simplify, i can use url as below -

But i am getting error and URL does not get loaded due to “@” symbol in password


Am facing the same problem, did you find any work around?

Katalon does support windows authentication. Check the below URL for details.

‘Input username and password on authentication dialog.’
WebUI.authenticate(‘’, ‘admin’, ‘admin’, 12)

If you still face challenge, Please let me know your OS, Browser and it’s version.[WebUI]+Authenticate link does not work.

Checked its working…thanks. But in chrome only the authentication box has :Log in" button instead of ‘OK’ hence not able to pass it. where i can change the button from OK to Log in?

Hi there,

For Windows popup authentication, you can use ‘Authenticate’ keyword to resolve your issue quickly without doing too many steps.


Authenticate does add the username and password, but how can I click the Log In button. I haven’t found an answer to this. Thanks. Clive.