Authentication Pop-up in Chrome

Hi, I have been unable to authenticate this pop-up:

I have tried:

  • The WebUI.authenticate method
  • Switch to Window Title method (could not switch to the dialog box)
  • WebUI.openBrowser(“http://username:password@WebsiteURL”)
  • Set Alert Text method (Katalon did not recognize any alert)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Willing to write some Selenium script if necessary.

Asked and answered my own question.

Solution can be found here:

Best of luck to all those who stumble upon this in the future.

Hi there,

I have tried the autoIT authentication from their documentation and installed that and saved the script for that in My katalon script, but it is not working as I desired. It entered wrong data and only in username even though I edited the script accordingly.

Any help would be helpful.

Here is the autoIT script:

WinWaitActive(“”,“Authentication Required”,“10”)
WinFlash(“”, “Authentication Required”,4,500)
If WinExists(“”,“Authentication Required”) Then
ElseIf WinExists(“”,“Chrome Legacy Window”)Then
ElseIf WinExists(“”,“Windows Security”) Then

In the documentation it was written to add your username and pass in the respective place and I added.

Here is the script I added in the katalon:
autoit_prj = ‘C:\Users\ST\Katalon Studio\chrome auth.exe’

The result I am seeing is: