How to Select Browser User Certs

Website under test requires user certs to be selected and the click ok to logon. we have over 150 user profiles that need to be automated and selected as the scripts change.

How can i get Katalon to select the cert and click ok?

Would this setting help?

Certificate Settings

No because more than one cert exists.

Looks like what you are trying to automate is on the interface of the browser application itself, not directly within the current web application. Mixing between another Windows GUI helper such as AutoIT and Katalon Studio can achieve this scenario.

This guide is an example how to use AutoIT. For the actual AutoIT script, maybe you can refer this

If AutoIT is not available for you (macOS, Linux), you can also try Java Robot.

My preferred solution would be to ask the deployment team to lift the restrictions on your environments.

Autoit does not recognize the window objects. Robot Java cannot determine what cert to select. there is no way with either to pick the cert.

I have the same problem and AutoIt is not available for me, because katalon will run either in Windows or Linux. Does anyone find a solution?

Still no solution with Katalon or any other tool. any help or direction will be appreciated. I saw that UFT can do this for IE but not for Chrome. I need a solution in Chrome.