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hello, i have a issue where in my test cases i need to interact with a windows select certificate pop up that appears when the first line of my code is run which is open browser. i have tried robot with no luck, also i have tried autoit where i made a script to simulate a mouse click. The issue is with autoit i cannot get the exe to run as the chrome browser is running. but once i close the chrome browser for the test case the autoit exe runs. what am i missing?

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please share the screenshot of windows select certificate pop up or any error logs

i have tried interacting with this pop up with robot but it seems to not be working.
i have tried using a autoit exe file and it only seems to execute it after the chrome window is closed. not sure why the .exe is running only after i close the katalon chrome browser for that session.

can you share the error log please?

do you want the event log, the console log or the log viewer


please share event log, the console log or the log viewer or code too

what error did you receive on using robot? please provide as much info to troubleshoot your problem further

there is no error from robot because it never reaches that step. it launches the URL the pop up is triggered and the thread is frozen. The robot is the next step in the script. but it never runs the robot because the first thread is frozen from the pop up.

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are you trying to execute the test in parallel mode? this seems to be differene than the original request.

try to execute any other working script and if it lauches the desired webpage than the one you are trying to open

no not parallel mode

all other scripts work

Can you interact with the “Certificate” such as right click on the OK button to see the HTML of the button? You may have to do a second time to see the HTML of the button specifically. (Or use the F12 key and choose, Open DevTools, and pick the top left icon). If you can interact with the certificate, then perhaps you can try and create an object of either OK or Cancel button (or both) and then move to the certificate and click, like:

// move focus to the certificate page
WebUI.switchToWindowTitle('Select a certificate')'Certificate Page/button_Ok'))


If you cannot interact with the certificate, then how about using browser options to prevent the certificate from showing.

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no you cannot interact with that pop up is what i’m saying. Right click on any of the buttons does nothing. the thread is frozen with that pop up until the OK is manually clicked.

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