How to save data from web to excel sheet

I am new to Katalon and it would be really helpful if any one can answer my below queries :
1. How to save data from web to excel sheet.
2. If I want to write my own one common method and then want to use that method in multiple test cases?
How would I do that?
Where I should store that method ?

3. What is the overall hierarchy/architecture of katalon so that I can get to know where common methods are written?
4. What is the difference between keywords and methods in katalon?

Please help me by answering above queries.

you can use your custom keyword in “Keywords” section. you can have your own custom method and use it in your test case. But please don’t forget to write @Keyword before your method.



Thanks Kishor. Please answer query #1,2,3 also.

Yes, We can do that.
In katalon studio, you can right click and click on “insert >insert before/after > call Test case(test case which you want to call)”.

How to change the color of excel cell which used for data driven testing?

Test case pass or fail wants to update in excel.

This type of request is going trendy, and the following feature may suits your needs. If you think it does, you may upvote it for Katalon guys to add it in a further release :