How to save console results

After running a test, all the results are listed under the Console tab.
Is there a way to save the “Console Tab” results to a file.?

Thanks in advance!

Run your cases from a test suite:

I don’t see this option under the free katalon version. I’ve version 7.8.2 installed. I still would like to know if there’s a way to save the “Console Tab” results to a file.? I have done so much search but I can’t seem to find any solutions.



The Console Tab results will be saved into files only when you make a Test Suite and put your Test Case in the Test Suite, then run the Test Suite. Files are available in the KS Free version.

If you want to look at files with your favourite text editor, you can find them the <projectDir>/Reports directory.

Thank you so much for a quick response. This is what I"m seeing under the Reports folder, none of these files are showing what is under the Console tab. (What am I missing). Thanks


As far as I know, the content of “Console tab” is the output via Logback that resides inside Katalon Studio. If you could customize the Logback config, it would be possible for you to let Logback write the content into a file as well (in addition to the Console tab).

However the configuration of Logback is entirely managed by Katalon Studio, and it offers users no chance to customise the config. See the following as evidence:

Something like “log” — all you have is the files under the “Reports” folder. No more.

If you take a careful look into the files under the Reports folder, you may find something useful for you. Though I am not sure, as you have not described what type of information you want to see.

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