Direct console output to a file

My test case calls a Custom keyword called “Verify” and that’s where all the verification for all the testcases are done. The keyword “Verify” is used in multiple testcases so it’s was better to move the code to a keyword rather than list the verification code in all 60 test cases.

Problem is, Katalon reports(xml, pdf…etc.) show each step from the test case, but not the steps from the custom keyword “Verify”, so all the verification is not listed in the reports. However the verification is displayed on the console tab. My question is how to save the results from the
console tab to a text file. I see that many others have also posted the same question in the past but did not get a solution. I am sure Katalon team or someone on this forum has a solution by now, please help.

Here’s are some of the links I’ve looked plus several others but none of them have a solution.