How to run same test case several time?

I need to run same test or command several time?

Your description is to short, tells us very little what is your problem. Please elaborate it.

And have a look at

I’m beginner in automation , and I start to use Katalon Studio first time.
I do my test whit Web recorder
I have button on my web page which needs to be clicked in order to
generate some data. I want to automate this

button click.
How can run button click command several time . e.g click to button and generated the date 3 time

I do my test whit Web recorder

Is it possible for you to disclose the code snippet you used in your “Web recorder” or screenshot of it? Provided with it, we can start thinking how to rewrite your snippet into Katalon Studio way.


I am wondering how much you are experienced about Katalon Studio and UI automation at all. If you are completely new, then I would suggest to you to read the following article.

You may click fields or buttons in a web page as many times as you want. Katalon Studio would generates test case which can replay your actions. Have a look at the generated test scripts. Then you may find something.