Can I automate a recording with Katalon?

Hello friends of Katalon.

After trying many options to automate an important part Katalon was the only tool that worked for me and my team. Now, I can’t make the recording repeat automatically, for example, 20 times or something like that, I have to run it manually every time I want to automate the process, so it doesn’t seem the best to me, I was wondering if there is a way to do this run automatically some number of times or time? I want to go for a paid package but want to make sure it can be fully automated. Thanks and sorry.

Your description is ambiguous.

Let me assume that in a web page as your target, there is a HTML <TABLE> that comprises with 20 <TR> elements. You used the Katalon Recorder and successfully generated a set of code to process the 1st row. Now you want to process the remaining 19 rows, but you do not want to repeat code generation 19 times more. So you want to know how to make the test script that can repeat processing 20 rows; so you want somebody to some sample code.

Is it like what you want to ask?

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Sorry for not being very clear. I don’t have much computer knowledge. I apologize for that.

I think so. I have a website where I need to click like 15 items in a row and doing it manually is a pain. I tried other tools and none of them worked, but with Katalon Recorder the first time I tried it, it worked for me. Everything was recorded and with a click on “Play test” it does it automatically, but only once. I would like to know if it is possible to do it more times automatically.

I share an image of my recording panel from where I run everything.

You seem to have a misunderstanding what the term “test automation” means.

Using the webui automation tools, you can record your manual operations and translate the records into a script code. While you perform recording, you have to click the 15 items in a row manually individually; you have to do clicking 15 times. That is a must. The Recorder tools can record only what you manually did. The tools can not record what you didn’t manually. The tools can never guess what you desired in your mind.

When you finished recording 15 times of manual clicking, the tools will generate a script file and save it somewhere. Once you saved the test script, you can “run” it. The test script will perform what you recorded; you would see as if the test script clicks the 15 items in a row automatically. That’s all what the term “test-automation” means.

You must click 15 items manually. You can not avoid the pain. You can not automate “recording” at all. You are totally responsible for developing the whole lines of test scripts. No tool can generate a test script for you automagically.

However, if you use Katalon Studio, not Katalon Recorder, and use “Script mode” to write test scripts, you can edit test scripts using the good old Text Editors. Using text editors, you can “copy & paste” lines of scripts. You can copy a segment of script lines and paste it 15 times; then you can modifiy the code by minimum key strokes; this will be far easier than repeating WYSIWYG operations in GUI many times.

I am saying, you need to be a programmer if you want to avoid that pain. Non-programmers have to accept living with that pain.

Thanks for your time. Now I see that it is not possible to do what I want to do, at least with my zero knowledge of programming. As other extensions and tools have the option to repeat the recording, I thought that perhaps Katalon could have a similar option, but I see that it doesn’t. Thank you very much for your time and your responses. Greetings

I do not see what you mean. Could you point me to the URL of any documentation of the extensions and tools that describes the magical option?

If you want to repeat the script you already have above more than once, then review the below link:

What I take from what they are after here is the ability to re-run the same (recorded) script X times in a row.

If that’s the case, then grylion54’s comment about using loops allows that. There are some other tools on the market with a built-in ability to do so (but Selenium IDE doesn’t offer this either).