How to run Katalon Recorder CLI with Chrome

Hi! I’m using Katalon Recorder CLI and got the following problem. I have successfully run on firefox but failed on chrome. The specific error is like the image file I attached below.
Although it runs successfully on firefox, I also have the problem of not being able to run the append to csv command because this version for firefox does not have it. I have filtered the data in the log file but did not get the complete data, maybe my data is too much for the limit of the log file. Hope you can show me how to run it on chrome and increase the storage limit of the log file. Thanks and best regards!


Let me investigate in it and back to you soon.

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Hi Elly_Tran,

Thanks for your reply. As for the log problem, I found a way to fix it, because max open file limit on Windows is 8192 so when i run too much data the log file didn’t save fully. I switched to running on linux and it’s fine.

I look forward to your help with the problem of running Katalon Recorder CLI on chrome. Thank you so much!