How to run IE Mode tests in Azure pipeline

I have configured my tests to run in IE mode and it works fine on my local, but when i run them in Azure Pipeline the deployment stalls and never finishes (waited 2 hours)

code i am utilizing for ie mode:

pipeline configuration:

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Welcome to the Katalon Community, I have forward this internally to get you more assistance on this query.

Also tried a test with a test case in chrome and that works fine with the configuration to chrome but not working in ie mode and all my tests are needing ie mode within edge… please advise … thanks :slight_smile:

I also saw this on the pipeline:

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Hi @sshiekh1, thank you for joining our Katalon Community.

We have this recording could help walkthrough steps to solve your issue

Please let us know if this works.
Vu Tran

Hi , thanks i did try this and pushed up the code to my GIT but the Azure pipeline is still not running the test, i deleted this and changed to IE and pipeline is working but, we want it to work in IE mode of edge, any idea on the configuration setting needed for the Azure pipeline?