how to remove StepFailedException info from Report

I see long messages of Step failed exceptions in Report. and the error messages are added in multiple places of report.
Do we have any option to extend or use any internal class to remove these MESSAGE informations and STEPFAILEDEXCEPTION information for failed test cases in Report ?

Thanks in advance!

No. The built-in Report does not offer option to remove the StackTrace.

I wonder why you want to do so.
The screenshot you attached to the oritinal post tells that your test case script as a serious bug.

StepFailedException: Actual object '' and expected object '#EMPTY' are ot equal

You should fix that bug, you shouldn’t ignore the Exception thrown. Once the bug is fixed, the Exception won’t come up any more, of course.

Yes, I am aware of that failed step. But my concern is a bit different. Let me explain with the attached screenshot.

You can see the source of failed step is “13:16:13.060 FAILED Bond Test Failed”.
But since its a sub-step, it repeats the information once again in “13:16:13.125 FAILED com.kms.katalon.core…” place to the test step. and repeats the error log another time in detail in Test case MESSAGE.

I was looking for a solution to remove these repeatative error logs. As I was satisfied with the source of failed step itself.

The report offers no customizability. You are supposed to accept it as is.