How to read the example value which contains more than 1 word?

I’m learning to use Katalon Studio Cucumber, and facing an issue that when running the feature with schenario outline which the examples’s value has more than 1 word, it just take the latest word.
Can you please advise how to write the feature to handle this?

Feature: Adding Employee Data
I want to use this for adding employee data into the system

Scenario Outline: Admin user add some employee data into the system
Given Admin user had been login with the username: dewak and password: qwerty
When Admin user get to the page of Adding Employee Details
Then Admin user input the and data
And Admin click add button and check the new employee has been added

  | EmployeeID | Fullname   | ManagerID | DateOfJoining |
  |        128 | John Rambo |       456 | 12/12/2012    |
  |        127 | Jony Allen |       467 | 10/11/2018    |