How to publish documentation of a Custom Keyword Plugin?

I looked at How to develop Custom Keywords Plugins. It describes how to build a jar and push it to Katalon Store. But has no explanation how to publish documentation of a Custom Keyword Plugin. How can a user make use of doc-less plugin?

I would like write docs in Markdown format (*.md) and version-control it with Git.

I can generate a groovydoc of my custom keyword, for example Index (junit4ks 1.6.1 API)
I want to make a link to my keywords groovydoc from a page form Katalon Store. How can I do it?


Any updates on this?

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Thank you for the suggestion. It was added this week but we will have holiday next week so it will be available in May.

Hi @kazurayam,

We’ve added the place for publishers to insert their documentation sources which will be displayed in plugin pages in Katalon Store. Please refer to this document for details instructions of how to update your document link.

Thank you

Katalon Store Team