Documentaion for custom keywords in plugin

How can I add such help for custom keywords in plugin?


Im adding proper documentation with the parameters for the keywords, still that is not getting reflected here in plugin.

Is that a bug in Katalon?
Can someone please check?

@kazurayam Do you have any idea of this?

Can anyone help me here?

I think your JavaDoc comments need to be specified in a separate file and linked in your .prj file.

Could you please provide more information on this? how to write these comments in separate java doc file and where to add it?

If you want Javadoc information of each classess/methods displayed as help, you need to put the jar file which includes the javadoc files generated by javadoc dommand into Eclipse.

Provided that the javadoc jar is ready, the following post tells you how to put it into Eclipse.

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Your next question would be

  1. How can you create a javadoc jar file of your custom keywords?
  2. How can you transfer the plugin’s javadoc jar from the source project into another project?
  3. How to publish the javadoc jar in the Katalon Store?

@duyluong @ThanhTo @devalex88
These questions need to be addressed by Katalon Team.

I am afraid that Katalon Team has never imagined that users may desire creating and publishing javadocs of their custom keywords. For example,

this tutorial mentions nothing about the javadoc of custom plugins. This proves their ignorance.


You are the pioneer!

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By the way, you can generate the javadoc jar file (to be precise, a groovydoc jar) of your Custom keywords for yourself using Gradle build tool in your katalon project. Once you got the jar, you can copy the javadoc.jar file to other projects. Just copy the file manually.

How to generate a groovydoc ?

Please study my project as an example: line #60 - 97 of

This fragment will show you how to generate groovydoc files under the docs/api directory. But it does not cover archiving it into a jar file. You can find some resources on the net, for example:

Difficult? Well, yes. It may require your hair pulled out.

I think the Team should pull their hair out for users. A new Enterprise feature, it could be.


Thank you. Ill try this solution in a day or two and then ill get back to you :slight_smile: