Documentation/ help for custom keywords in plugin


In my custom keywords, I have documentation like this:
* Returns
* @param
* @return

but, when I use the plugin which has these keywords, I do not see the proper help like it is available for the built-in keywords. I actually want , my custom keywords to show such help on mouse hover:

How can I achieve this?
Without this help, it becomes very difficult to understand what parameters are passed and what the keyword will actually do?


   * Main description of method
   * @param param1 First parameter description
   * @param param2 Second parameter description
   * @return Description what method returns

@Marek_Melocik Please see the above screenshot, this is how I have done. Still it is not working.

In the above screenshot, you can see how I did for the keyword getDateInFormat and when I use this plugin in any other project, it looks like this:

@Marek_Melocik Did you check this? Is there any other way to solve this?

Hi, I am trying the same scenario… Please share if you got any fix…

No @Chandni.Manakchand1. I couldnt find any solution to this.

Hi @libra.soumya17

Currently, Katalon Studio doesn’t support displaying descriptions of custom keyword plugins.


Thanks for the update @Jass
I think may be it would be nice to have such feature.
Because if I have written some keywords and I want to share the plugin, then there is no way I can provide the details of the parameters to him.
Currently this is the issue that Im facing in my project.

Hello @libra.soumya17

In your case, I suggest the following solution:

  1. Katalon Studio 7.6 (currently in beta release, its official version is expected to be released latest by the end of this month) supports displaying Custom Keywords’ descriptions in test cases (same as built-in keywords). Please upgrade when it’s available.
  2. After writing a custom keyword, instead of packaging it as a plugin, you can export the custom keyword for other users to import.

Then documentation/help for a custom keyword can be displayed when you hover over it.



Hi @Jass,

I have a private plugin(to be used across various projects in organisation) for custom keywords. I created groovydocs and packaged it in a javadoc jar file. Imported this jar file in External Libraries. When I hover on the custom keyword, I do not get any javadoc attached to it. When viewed in Javadoc browser view, I get this popup saying it needs to be configured in the properties file. I understand you are saying there are no options as such in Katalon. But since this popup screen is displayed, can you please throw some insights as where and javadoc URL needs to be configured.

Hello @Chandni.Manakchand1

The above message is thrown by Eclipse. Katalon doesn’t support displaying Javadocs of a custom keyword plugin yet.


Thank you @Jass for the update…