Parameterizing XPath

I want to parameterize an object’s xpath value - how can I do this in a DDT approach without passing the parameter value into a script? I want to define the object’s xpath before I get to calling a separate test case in my script. That make sense?

Any help would be appreciated!

Any Test Object property can be parameterized using the ${} handle notation:

You can then pass a value to this at runtime as follows:

findTestObject('path/to/my/object', ['someId' : 'xyz'])

So for your data-driven approach, you would replace ‘xyz’ with the parameter from your data file that references your value.

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That is exactly what I needed! Thank you!!!

I have the same problem, I want to ask how to pass the value of this later, is it convenient to give an example

Hi everyone

We have a user manual for learning how to parameterize web object. Please take a look.

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