I cant seem to get the xpath of a popup window that contains Username and password text field


This is the Popup message

Hi @awoo,

Could you share the underlying html code here? so that we can give you some suggestion on how to locate those fields.

Showing the whole UI doesn’t help, we don’t know its attributes inside. So its better if you give enough information to for us to help you!


@Arnel Regarding that one i cant even use inspect element when that pop up is displayed

Also even the Object Spy cannot doesn’t recognize the pop up fields

Hmmmm I guess it is the browsers pop up window not the website’s pop up. Does it show on the upper side of the browser? If so then locating it using object spy will not work…

You can try to use the keyPress and keyRelease in Robot class. Is the I-Beam focused on the username field??

It looks like basic auth dialog. You can try to use this keyword to log in.

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So my code went like this

WebUI.openBrowser(‘enter site here’)
WebUI.authenticate(‘enter site here’, ‘username’, ‘password’, 12)

after opening a browser and entering the site, the browser pop up will appear, the next code won’t run unless i entered the username and password manually. then after entering the next code will now run.

Try to pass null to openBrowser method (open a blank page) and use it in authentication keyword.

Thank you so much