Verify if Pop up success is present


I know this is a simple test scenario but somehow I wasnt able to solve this on my own. I have here a test where I need to verify if Success Pop up is present after clicking button. I’ve tried using AcceptAllert, WaitForAllert, VerifyElementText, but it says FAILED.

Anyone can help me solve this issue ?

That is your AUT pop-up, not the one generated within browser context. Capture its locator and verify its displayed text.

Or a debug way is:

  • Print out the whole page source after failed verification step
  • Find in printed source the where the pop-up is located

Or a quick and dirty assertion: Assert the whole page source containing ‘SUCCESS’ text

Thats not a browser generated alert, so accept alert wont work, What error do you recieve when just using a verify element present? or have you not tried that yet?

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Well thanks everyone for taking time to read this post. I was able to solve this by using VerifyElementPresent using the correct element hehe.

Thank you @hpulsford @mashigoma

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Ive tried it before but I got an error sorry I wasnt able to capture it. But somehow after trying it again and using other element, it works… thank you

No worries, glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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