How to get a redirect to another site after submitting the form?

After clicking on the form submit button, the user must be redirected to the payment site. But when I emulate this action, redirection does not occur. What should I add to the script besides emulating the click? Or is it an application feature?
But when i recording actions with Record Web option and start test case redirection occurs. What am I doing wrong?

There is a case that making different between actual action and automate action is that we clicked on different elements (elements overlap) or at the time the auto code click the button, there is another element wapper over it (sometime we have processing/waiting dialog running).

could you paste the test scripts here and it would be nice if you could show the link to the page under test.

I also have the same problems. Can someone please explain how to make it work?

Up ! I also experienced same problem. In my script the action is click to a link which is “Forgot Password” and should be redirected to forgot password page. But its not working, here is my script.

As you can see from the script, I just added navigate to URL manually and it works. But somehow I dont get it, supposedly when the action=click is done it should automatically redirects to the new page right?

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Can you share code and the error logs for case when the redirect doesn’t happen?

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