How to disable auto recheck for a test case

Currently I have 20+ Test Cases in a Test Suite. If a test case fails during execution, ktalon studio executing that test case 2-3 times again to make it fails.
I don’t want that. I want to set something, that if a test case is failed or if an element is not found, it should save this test case as failed in report and jump to the next test cases. How can I do that?

Are you using Katalon Studio GUI or Katalon Runtime Engine in commandline?

Katalon Runtime Engine has options : -retry -retryStrategy

I don’t think Katalon Studio GUI provides any retry.

This setting is at testsuite level:

I suppose the user have the Retry failed execution immediately option enabled (which is an enterprise feature)

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Please check you Katalon GUI - Retry Setttings

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