Retry passed test cases doesn't work

## Operating System: Windows 10

## Katalon Studio Version: 5.8.6

## Environment (for Web testing)

  • Chrome 70, Chromedriver 2.43

## Steps to reproduce

Try to repeat test suite 10 times (retryFailedTestCases=false). Tried from command line and from the GUI.

## Expected Behavior

Complete test suite gets repeated 10 times.

## Actual Behavior

All tests pass on first try. Nothing gets repeated.

I think this is a documentation bug.

-retryFailedTestCases=<true, false>
Retry failed test cases fail in test suite ( override setting in test suite file ). There are 2 options for retry: true if you want run fail test case and otherwise false

I understand this to mean:
= retry only the failed test cases if there are any
= retry all the test cases, regardles of the pass/failure

But… the actual behaviour is:
= retry only the failed test cases if there are any
= retry test suite only if there are failed test cases

At the very least, the documentation is unclear.

I would like to have option to run the test suite for a certain number of times to observe the behaviour of the app on repeated execution.

Dear Mate,

Thanks for pointing that out.
For your suggestion to have repeated execution, we are considering to utilize JMeter library in KS. So will update you later when we have a firm plan.

Best regards,


Thanks Dung!

Looking forward to JMeter!

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